“The Station”, the first of its kind co-working space in Iraq

I had the great fortune to spend the day at “The Station”, the first of its kind co-working space in Iraq. A modern office concept that offers desk space, excellent high-speed internet, awesome coffee, and convenient meeting rooms, including a hall that can seat 250 people. The Station is buzzing with energy. While sitting at the beautiful Ali Baba coffee shop, all you hear is young people discussing new ideas, developing projects, and expanding their business ventures. An amazing environment that fosters friendship, business relations and creativity, ideal for a country buzzing with youthful talent and ambitions. The Station organizes many events and workshops on a wide range of topics including women empowerment (who were clearly occupying many spaces in The Station), cultural workshops focusing on the preservation of Iraqi culture and traditions, creative thinking, and many other workshops for a wide range of skills. One young man told me, the things you learn here are things you will never learn in college. Thank you for having me! More soon on some of the projects I was introduced to at The Station. www.the-station.iq