Entry & Expansion

The Haimour Group has extensive experience in the Iraqi market, its drivers, its competitive landscape, opportunities and potential risks. We offer a comprehensive overview of the Iraqi market to help you identify niche opportunities and determine growth prospect. We assist you in navigating the legal, regulatory, financial and cultural challenges related to investing and establishing a presence in Iraq.

Our comprehensive approach to helping businesses enter the Iraqi market includes:

Providing market intelligence, analysis and forecasts

Determining your ideal investment opportunities and connecting you with key private and public sector players

Providing specialized travel visa consulting and processing services to business travelers in Iraq

Assembling right teams and offering professional representation

Formulating comprehensive go-to-market strategic plan

Providing support services from the planning stage through the execution phase

Managing your high-level meetings, conferences, trade missions, and B2B events

We provide you with uniquely tailored and pragmatic services to formulate and implement the best possible strategies for your market entry and business development in Iraq.

Regardless of your company profile, you will need local counterparts (construction, engineering, consulting, services, etc.) with whom partnership can and should be arranged. In fact, the best way to hit the ground running in Iraq is to pre-arrange such partnerships.

Haimour Group provides the opportunities for foreign companies doing business in Iraq to unite with local companies that share common causes and goals. We screen Iraqi companies to ensure the right fit for each foreign company. We will also introduce you to many options for procuring equipment, supplies and raw materials.

Investment Support Services

  • How do I find the right Iraqi company to partner with? How can I research the company and gather data? How can I build trust?
  • What about the land for my project? Who owns land in Iraq? Who are the government entities involved in land ownership? How do I get a clear title of the land? What documents should I look for?
  • How can I obtain the investment license?
  • Does the Iraqi law govern the relationship? Is mediation available? Is Iraq a signatory of any international treaties? What are they and how can they be helpful to my company and my investment in Iraq?
  • When is the right time to hire an Iraqi attorney to work for your company? How do I know he/she is qualified? How do I check credentials?
  • What are the requirements for opening a bank account?

Based on years of experience working in Iraq, the Haimour Group will address your legal concerns and provide you with the necessary legal support. We will present you with actual case studies demonstrating best practices by companies doing business in Iraq, as well as what to avoid and watch for.

Before company representatives leave for Iraq, they need to have at least general knowledge of the legal system there to prevent legal problems. We are fully equipped to help newly arriving companies to Iraq navigate through the legal system in Iraq. We answer your questions about:

Company Matchmaking and Finding the Right Local Vendors and Suppliers

  • How do I find the right Iraqi company to partner with? How can I research the company and gather data? How can I build trust?
  • Am I paying the right price for products and services? Is it the quality I was promised?
  • What are the sources available for supplies, equipment and raw material both in Iraq and the region?
  • Is my company prepared for conflict?
  • What kind of public information is available about companies and individuals that can be useful to me?

The Haimour Group will address all your questions and concerns about recruitment, staffing, orientation and training, whether you’re looking for top professionals or semi-skilled labor. We also advise your company on the work culture in Iraq and relevant Iraqi labor laws, wages, and benefits.

Recruitment, Staffing, Orientation & Training

  • How much do Iraqis make? How do I determine the right salary is for an Iraqi I wish to hire?
  • What kind of benefits are typically given to employees?
  • Why do Iraqis love government jobs and shy away from working for the private sector? Is this changing?
  • What kind of skills, education, and experience can I expect to find in the Iraqi labor market?
  • What investment should I make in my Iraqi employees?
  • What are the cultural differences that I need to be aware of?
  • What about language skills?
  • What do I need to know about Iraqi labor laws?
  • Examine your staffing needs and understand your company's culture
  • Search our existing pool of candidates and / or announce the vacancy using our wide network of contacts as well as the media
  • Arrange for the job interview
  • Once the candidate has been hired, we can assist you with staff training and orientation, and ensure a smooth working relationship.

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