Are you bilingual and want to become a professional interpreter? Or are you a professional interpreter looking to optimize your career? 

Professional interpreters are in high demand in our global marketplace by NGOs, embassies, multinational corporations, TV stations, diplomatic missions and international conferences.

The Interpreter Training workshop will give you access to the skill sets required for you to be a successful professional interpreter. The workshop is designed for you to experience what it’s like to be an interpreter.

In addition to a long list of skills, you will learn how to conquer your fear of public speaking, which is one of the most critical skills for those seeking to become professional interpreters.

You will also learn about the different work opportunities available in the field and how to market yourself as an interpreter.

Topics Include:


The three types of interpreting (Sight, Simultaneous and Consecutive) and the skill sets required for each type.


Learn the protocol and standards of the interpreting profession.


How to avoid common mistakes interpreters make and how to handle challenging situations.


Learn the best practices applied by professional interpreters in note taking and the most effective use of short term memory.


In-depth understanding how the human brain works when performing the different types of interpreting.



Understand the international standards applied for evaluating interpreters. Learn about common exam methods and how to be prepared for interpreter exams.



Workshop Leader


Muhannad Haimour is the Founder and CEO of the Arab American Language Institute and the Haimour Group. Muhannad has over 20+ years of international experience in consulting, translation and interpreting. He worked as a Conference Level Interpreter with the US Department of State – Office of Language Services where he worked with many delegations from the Arab world and interpreted high profile meetings with public officials, including heads of state. Muhannad was one of the first to develop a training workshop for Arabic/English court interpreters which was endorsed by the Michigan Supreme Court. Muhannad was an Adjunct Instructor at MaryGrove College in Detroit, Michigan where he taught Business Translation. Throughout his career working in many different positions, Muhannad always maintained his passion for the interpreter profession. He learned from the best and worked with some of the most renowned interpreters in the world, and has always been keen to share his personal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to speak Arabic and English in order to participate in this workshop?

The workshop is designed for interpreters specifically interested in the Arabic and English languages. In order for you to receive the full benefits of the workshop and be able to fully participate in the many exercises, you must have basic fluency in both Arabic and English. And while you will learn many different vocabularies and phrases, the workshop is not designed to teach either language.

I am fluent in Arabic and another language, other than English, but interested in enhancing my skills as an interpreter. Can I still benefit from this workshop?

Yes, because the skills and information presented can be applied to the profession in general, regardless of the language. However, all exercises are in the Arabic/English languages, which means you will not be able to participate in such exercises.

Do I need to have previous interpreting experience to participate in this workshop?

No. This workshop is designed to give participants a complete toolbox of everything they need to become professional interpreters. If applied correctly, it will put you on the career path to become a professional interpreter.

What should I expect or not expect after this workshop?

You should expect to have a complete understanding of the world of professional interpreting. You should expect to have all your questions answered about the profession and what it takes to become a professional interpreter.

You should not expect that you will leave the workshop as a professional interpreter. There is no such workshop that can produce such results. Professional interpreters spend years and years developing and honing their skills. But what this workshop does promise is that you will understand the best and most effective practices to help you reach your goal.

Will I receive a certificate from the workshop? What is the value of this certificate?

You will receive a “certificate of attendance”. That certificate simply signifies that you have attended this workshop. It does not mean that you have passed any interpreter exam or that you are now qualified to work as a professional interpreter.

What if I am not satisfied, can I get my money back?

On day one of the workshop, all participants are given the opportunity to stay or leave during the first break, depending on whether or not they feel that the workshop is meeting their expectations. Those who decide to leave, will receive a full refund, no questions asked. So far, we have never had a single participant leave.

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